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It is impossible to run a business – especially a successful business – without disputes arising from time to time. Disputes are a part of the life span of any business. However, even a dispute that seems relatively minor can escalate and result in the type of costly, protracted litigation that can ruin a business. When confronted with a business dispute, it is critical to work with a lawyer with business dispute experience.

I am commercial litigation attorney James J. Doyle, III. I have two decades of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a range of business disputes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas.

Here For You As Your Business Grows

As a business grows and becomes more successful, there is a much higher risk of manipulation and malfeasance. In fact, many times small-business owners had they known how successful their businesses would have become, would have handled some of the initial paperwork and contractual aspects of their businesses more carefully. However, even if you were not as meticulous as you could have been on the front end, it does not mean that people have the right to take advantage of you.

At The DOYLE LAW Firm, I take charge of business and commercial disputes involving:

  • Fraud: Fraud claims may involve partners accusing other partners, shareholders accusing companies, partners and executives, and a range of other scenarios. Fraud is a serious claim that requires a level-headed, yet aggressive advocate. I can help you.
  • Accountings: Often, someone with an ownership interest wants an accounting. This is a perfectly reasonable request. In most cases, I can help you obtain an accounting outside of the courtroom, but when this is not possible, I will fight the matter in court as necessary.
  • Commercial contract disputes: I handle business contract disputes involving vendor agreements, trust agreements, partnership contracts, joint venture agreements and other contractual matters.

I can help you protect your interests and obtain favorable results in your business dispute in an efficient and effective manner.

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