Big-Firm Experience. Small-Firm Benefits.

A dispute can arise in any type of transaction. For business entities, business owners and other individuals, it is critical to handle various disputes appropriately and efficiently. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer to help you through the conflict — whether in mediation or litigation — to obtain a positive outcome as efficiently as possible.

The DOYLE LAW Firm represents clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas. The firm offers litigation services for a variety of business and commercial real estate disputes and controversies involving transactions, partitions and contract disagreements. We also represent those injured due to negligent acts.

Committed Advocacy And Personalized Attention

With experience in a variety of legal settings — including large firms, medium-sized firms, and small firms — James J. Doyle, III, offers clients the benefits of large-firm experience, but with the personalized approach and individualized attention that can only be found in a small, boutique firm. The firm is careful in case selection and intentionally limits its caseload to provide each client with responsive, efficient representation backed by big-firm experience. James J. Doyle, III's top priority is being assertive and a strong advocate for the firm's clients.

"If you are seeking an attorney to resolve or litigate a dispute, you need someone who is assertive and intelligent, with integrity — like a family member or best friend who is completely on your side and in your corner. That is the kind of advocacy I provide for my clients. When you work with The DOYLE LAW Firm, you will find that I am willing to go as far as possible to protect your rights."

∙ James J. Doyle, III