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For many businesses and corporations, it does not make sense to have someone act as their full-time, in-house legal counsel. However, having someone available to handle various business law matters as they arise, or having someone experienced who can help assist your in-house counsel, is a crucial component to any company’s continued growth and success.

At The DOYLE LAW Firm, attorney James J. Doyle, III, has more than a decade of experience providing of counsel business representation to companies of all sizes from across Texas. The firm is prepared to put its experience and resources to work for your business in a wide range of legal areas.

From Business Formation To Dissolution, And All Areas In Between

The DOYLE LAW Firm provides legal advice, counsel and assistance in a variety of matters that affect all types of businesses. The firm handles legal matters that involve:

Business formation: The firm helps with business entity selection, including the establishment of partnerships, LLCs and other corporate structures to help ensure that businesses are best positioned for success.

Business contracts: The firm provides contract drafting and review services, and also works to resolve any contractual disputes that may arise at any time.

Borrowing and lending: The firm can help assist companies with borrowing, lending and credit arrangements of all types.

Corporate governance: The firm can provide assistance with matters involving board members, shareholders and other issues that affect the inner workings of a business.

Employment agreements: The firm helps draft and review employment and executive agreements, and handles issues related to covenants not to compete, stock options and other matters.

Compliance: The firm can help guide your business through the complexities of regulatory reporting, disclosure and all other compliance issues.

Business dissolution: If you business has run its course, the firm can help wind things down and shield you from the prospect of future litigation.

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