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I am proud to call myself a second-generation Texas lawyer. My great grandfather was a butcher, my grandfathers were an engineer and a postman, but my father chose the law – and I am thankful for the opportunity to follow in his footsteps.

It deserves mention that prior to attending law school and after my undergraduate studies at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, I attended not one but two seminaries. Though the "calling" was tempting, I felt that my place was with the law. When I decided to attend law school my goal was to help people, and from that I have not deviated.

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"An aerial view of where JFK was shot (with the 7 story book depository [similar in color to the Old Red Courthouse] and 6 floor corner window from which LHO allegedly shot JFK)."

I am here to help people with problems and conflicts so serious and antagonistic in nature that they call for expensive and time consuming options, including:

  • Choosing and hiring an attorney,
  • Weighing whether to (and, if so, when) to pursue mediation,
  • Determining if the dispute is governed by an arbitration clause,
  • If suit must be filed, engage in strategy regarding where, when, what and how to file,
  • After filing, engage in further strategy regarding litigation and trial options, and
  • If a negative judgment is rendered, consideration regarding whether to appeal or not.


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It is typically not a good day when you are forced to seek out an attorney – my goal is to make my clients' experience the best possible considering the contentious circumstances that have brought them to my door. I strive both to be a peacemaker if a quick and cost efficient resolution is possible, as well as a warrior willing to use all the tools at my disposal to effectively see that my clients receive their day in court.

After graduating with honors from Southern Methodist University in 2002, I immediately began practicing civil litigation for a respected downtown Dallas law firm. From there, I worked for a successful North Texas litigation boutique, and then I started my own practice in 2009.

The Doyle Law Firm is focused on helping businesses and individuals who have been, or are about to be sued, or desire to sue another. The majority of my practice relates to business and commercial arrangements that have soured, many times in the form of a breach of some sort of arrangement or contract. I have practiced in all types of civil courts including federal, state, county, appellate and municipal.


"In the foreground is Dallas’ 1892 Old Red Courthouse which is now the Old Red Museum (since 2007). The mirrored building behind Ol’ Red is the Bank of America building and is the tallest building in Dallas at 72 floors (921 ft.)."

I have handled multimillion-dollar cases as well as those where the amount at issue was less than ten thousand dollars.

"If the words 'to sue or not to sue' are on your mind, or, alternatively, if you have just been or feel like you are about to be sued, call me: lawsuits are my business."

∙ James J. Doyle, III

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This website contains pages that discuss certain aspects of my practice and provide information that might be of assistance to you as you analyze your legal issues and seek out a qualified attorney to represent you. If you think I am a fit for your legal needs, I look forward to hearing from you.

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"The $182 million Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge spanning the Trinity River just West of downtown, designed by Santiago Calatrava and opened in 2012."

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